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With busy, hectic schedules leaving little time to browse in malls, Pretty is Pink owner Lori Rosenberg said her new store that opened in August in downtown Norwood is just the place for someone with minimal time for shopping.

Carrying clothing from Citizen, Hudson's, Ella Moss, Splendid and more, shoes, accessories, and customer service,Rosenberg said her new shop is perfect for one stop shopping.

"People just love having the convenience," Rosenberg said. "We're best known for a real nice pair of jeans, a nice shoe and a go-out shirt. Right now our sweaters are to die for. They are just so cozy and comfy."

She said her employees are all enthusiastic but there is no hard sell when a customer walks in the door.


"I'd rather you come back another time than walk out with more than you need," Rosenberg said. "The last thing I want is you to walk out of the store and have buyer's remorse, wondering if you should have bought it."

Lots of women come by with their friends or mothers but Rosenberg said surprisingly quite a few customers are men coming in to buy clothes for their wives or girlfriends.

"It's nice quality; you're not poking through ugly sales racks," Rosenberg said. "Most people go in the fitting room and we just keep bringing them stuff."

Rosenberg had previously been a clothes buyer for other companies but decided to try her hand at her own business 12 years ago when she opened her first store in Franklin.


"When you work at a larger company someone else pays the bills and calls the guy to fix the air conditioner," Rosenberg said. "When you own a small business you do it all including cleaning the bathroom. On the other hand, I love meeting our customers. I'm just blown away by how amazing people are here."

Trying to decide on a name that began with the letter 'P' to honor her father, Perry, was trickier

"My passion of entrepreneurship actually came from him because my family owns a manufacturing/importing company." Rosenberg wrote on the company website. "I learned so much from my dad and wanted to honor him. I went through a lot of names and finally decided that Pretty is Pink was perfect."

The clothing industry requires year round buying with Rosenberg traveling each month to New York where she said the industry trends start. She is currently buying clothes for the spring of 2017 and going with her gut in trying to decide what will be a hot seller.


"I go to a showroom and they show me what's new and I pick and choose," Rosenberg said. "It's fun. I like my job."

While she was not sure about opening in a second location, Rosenberg said she fell in love with the location the minute she set foot in Norwood.

She said not only the customers have been wonderful but many others in the town as well.

Many neighbors and neighboring business owners came in to wish her well and some even sent flowers to welcome her.

"The police commissioner came in to introduce himself and wish me well," Rosenberg said. "In this day and age for someone to go out of their way to welcome you is just amazing. Everybody whether they are shopping here or not has been so nice."