Our Story


Pretty is Pink has become a hot spot in Franklin for a little taste of NYC fashion in Massachusetts. Pretty is Pink appeals to many different kinds of women.
Lori Rosenberg is the successful owner of Pretty is Pink in Franklin, MA, she has worked hard to develop and grow her business over the past 12 years.
When Lori originally opened Pretty is Pink, it was in a small location in Franklin, MA. Shortly after,she moved to a location on Summer Street in downtown Franklin.
From there, Lori opened a larger store in Franklin, MA and has now expanded Pretty is Pink to another location in Norwood, MA.

What inspired Lori to open Pretty is Pink?
It’s funny I never dreamt of opening a store when I was in college. It actually began with a heart-wrenching divorce. My head was completely spinning;
how was I going to support my two children while still making time to spend with them? All parents of divorce are familiar with the issue, you want to
make things are normal for your children as possible but at the same time change is inevitable. I was driving through downtown Franklin one day with
my daughter, Sam, and saw a “For Rent” sign. I said, “Sam, how fun would it be to own a store.” Now, this was like asking her if she wanted cake
for dinner… the answer was going to be yes. Fast forward a few months, Pretty is Pink was in the works!

What made you decide on the name Pretty is Pink?
This was one of the more difficult decisions I had to make for the store. I was looking for a name with the letter “P” in memory of my father, Perry.
My passion of entrepreneurship actually came from him because my family owns a manufacturing/importing company.
I learned so much from my dad and wanted to honor him. I went through a lot of names and finally decided that Pretty is Pink was perfect.

What was your goal for Pretty is Pink when you started?
At first, the goal was to support my family while still doing something that I loved, but over the years as my kids have aged and the store has
evolved my goal now is to manage a store that gives women clothing that makes them feel amazing.