Every week we brainstorm on what the blog will say.  We have captured florals, dresses, accessories, basics, not so basics and holiday wear.  We talked about closet cleansing and mood dressing.  What's next?  Have we covered everything? 

The more we talk, the more we realize that right now it is really all about putting the joy back in to getting dressed with clothes that make you feel good.  We finally have places to go to - restaurants, parties, wedding. We are having fun again. 

Think about getting ready for a date night - think about what you will wear.  Will you search your closet, browse the internet or visit your favorite store (which we all know is PIP).  Doesn't just the thought bring a smile to your face?  It is all about putting the "joy" back into dressing.  

It is wedding season. I, personally, get so excited just thinking about what I am going to wear.  It is happiness galore.  Think of all options (we just got a wedding invite where "medieval attire is encouraged" - talk about adding excitement to your wardrobe). 

Have fun with your choices.  Bring back the joy in dressing again!





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