Spring is slowly coming. There are signs of it all around.  You can see patches of color among the browns and beiges of winter.

This small awakening has made me think of my wardrobe. As a preppie with an edge (not sure exactly what that is but that is how my pals at PIP describe my style), I think it is time to shake things up.  I need some excitement.  

Enough with the boring black, navy and beige colors.  So so dull.  

It is time to branch out and be adventurous.  Time to be bold and add some color to the basics. Why not try some hot pinks, bright yellows, bold blues - just to name a few of my favs.   A pair of candy colored jeans?  A bright floral top? Pink and Blue Madras? The possibilities are endless.  

Wear a pair of hot pink jeans. Turn heads with that bright floral top.  It certainly will put you in a good mood and bring a smile to your face. 

Give it a try.  I promise you will love it.  Always, remember though, you can things tone things down with a basic white tee!

I am also hoping if I keep adding some color to my wardrobe, I’ll convince Mother Nature it’s Springtime.



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