Dresses! Dresses! Dresses!

My favorite season is here - Dress Season.  It is truly the best season because dresses make life so easy.  

You put on a dress in the morning, add flip-flops or sneakers and you are ready for the day.  It is just one step - no need to worry about which top?  Which jeans? Which shorts?  The decision has been made - easy peasy.

The same goes with dresses at night.  Pick your favorite dress, pair it with some sandals and some eye catching accessories. Add a denim jacket, a wrap, a sweater or a menswear blazer (I have been stealing my hubby's for years and I think he secretly loves it) and off you go.  

I prepare for dress season like a world class athlete. I start with squats and lunges and then add arm and core exercises.  I do have to admit this is my least favorite thing about dress season.  I then start wearing shorts on my daily walks - I am so desperate to get some color on the winter legs.  You can always get some sun despite the freezing temperatures.  Last but not least, a good self tanner.  All kidding aside, a good self tanner is all you need. 

Find a dress that you love and buy it in all colors.  I have "my dress" in four color ways and I alternate them depending on my mood.  And, if you are worried about the "Marilyn Monroe" effect, do what my dear friend Amie does - wear lightweight colored biker shorts.  Problem solved. 

"If you love something, wear it all the time...Find things that suit you.  That's how you look extraordinary."  Vivienne Westwood. 


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