Flirty Florals


Fun, flirty florals. Say that 3 times fast, friends!! The time has come.  Taking prime position on the 2022’s Spring/Summer fashion week runway—we got your florals here!!

Engage with the bright and cheery, happy and ditsy prints that are sure to put a smile on your face on even the grayest of days. Match your florals with solids, with denim, or even with stripes (yes, you CAN brave clashing patterns). Sky’s the limit, because as long as you can find at least one fun coordinating color in your print, you’re on your way to a healthy marriage of color and glowing style. 

If you’re a bit hesitant or shy about bright prints to start, ease into it with a muted piece, or a top paired with a more classic blue or white denim. If you’re simply not ready for statement-making bright florals, try something like our just-in, embroidered, tone-on-tone satin-stitch tops and dresses, in a subtle cream. So pretty. 

Whether the floral is bright and strikingly bold, or muted and romantically pastel, there is enchanting energy surrounding these head-turning prints. Get your full blossom on!

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