Mother's Day

Do I see Mother's Day through the eyes of a child who adores their mother or through the eyes of a mother whom loves her children?  

I can't decide.  I remember drawing paper flowers at school and making a culinary masterpiece for breakfast to celebrate my mom’s day.  Just really being in awe of my mom and wanting to make her smile.  For me at that age, it was all about giving. 

Fast forward a couple of years (maybe more than a couple), I am the mom - the recipient of the paper flowers, the cold messy breakfast and a million smiles. At that moment, it becomes all about receiving. 

It is a win-win situation.  What can be better than giving and receiving lots of smiles and love?

Now that we gushed over Mother's Day, let's get to real point - Mother's Day gifts.  We all love gifts and it is our special day. We deserve it.

Here's a list of some our favorites....

Tracy is all over our new silk scarves:  "As I walk around the store, I see so many great Mother's Day gift ideas.  There is one winner, though, these beautiful, colorful, silk scarves.  I don't know about you but there is something classic about a silk scarf.  Ours is oversized; it can be worn as sarong and if you are feeling a bit daring, a top.  I know I will wear mine with white jeans and a tee, softly draped arround my neck for that pop of color.


Inna is all for pampering.  And why not?  She deserves it.  "Mother's Day is always brunch with my family.  I would love a gift card to a spa and of course, PIP!"

Missy loves super comfy comfy clothes and feeling special. "I would love a light and airy pj/lounge set or a pretty print romper, a brunch/dinner and a gift card to pick something out at my favorite store (PIP, duh). 

Renee lovers accessories and seriously who doesn't?  "For Mother's Day, my pick is the Peyton Shoulder bag.  It is a nice neutral to go with all your summer colors and every woman can use a new bag."

Happy Mother's Day.  Whether you are giving or receiving, it is a special day.  Take that extra minute to celebrate!





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