Pick "2" Things

2 Pieces a Day

No, I’m not talking about how much chocolate you’ll allow yourself on your new diet. I’m referring to a segment run several years ago on the Today Show where former cohost Katie Couric spotlighted the best ways to declutter and clean out your closet. Of course, she divulged numerous helpful ways to reinvent your closet and reintroduce yourself to your wardrobe. But one seemingly simple tip to finding the Holy Grail of closet perfection has stuck with me to this day… 

Katie revealed that the key to creating your dream closet and attaining daily outfit mastery was not so hard to attain: Just choose 2 pieces of clothing a day to part with.

She made it sound so easy; fine-tune your fashion by removing just 2 items of clothing a day for the donation bin. Don’t think too hard about it—just do it! Use this expert strategy until your closet reaches its “dream state”. So simple, right??  

Accomplishing your own personal closet nirvana oftentimes can be at the mercy of your current energy and commitment levels; some days you can unemotionally grab 2 items (or 3 or 4 if you’re brave!) without looking back. Other days, that bohemian, balloon-sleeve top that you haven’t worn in 3 years just pulls at your heartstrings.  

While Marie Kondo will tell you to “thank the bohemian, balloon-sleeve top” before sending it to the donation bin, I say be coldhearted, heartless, unsympathetic! After all, that tired cast-off is taking up important space where your sassy new chiffon halter head-turner should live!! 


Whether you’re at the unemotional, grab-and-toss-out stage, or you continue to have trouble saying goodbye to that oversized denim jacket you haven’t looked at in years, you can still make progress towards closet enlightenment.

Donate or Demote 

We all have stuff that we don’t wear or forget we even have.  Be strong and pick 2 items to either Donate or Demote (i.e. reuse in a different way—think that comfy, pretty, flamingo pink-colored (but pilled) cardigan being downgraded to wearing just with your pjs).

Edit as you go along

When you bring something new into your closet that you feel you really need or want, or are replacing a piece, take a piece out. One in, one out. 

Bi-annual closet edits

Do a regular closet review-and-reduce twice a year. This process can be overwhelming as we talked about earlier, so start by item type (i.e. focus on skirts first, then move to jeans, and so on).

Go ahead, pick 2!!


  • Thanks for this great advice, time for a Spring closet refresh!

  • Great advice!


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